Princeton Group Shoot 15

Sunday - February 5th

11:00am - 10:00pm

This will be our 15th Group Shoot at Club Princeton. Here are the details:

Doors will be open at 10am to bring equipment in and get things setup.

Session 1 starts at 11:00am and goes until 4:00pm

At 4:00pm I will bring in Pizza to help feed everyone. Typically its Little Caesars Pizza, some peperoni and some cheese. This is a 1 hour break so everyone can grab a bite and relax for a for moments and refresh. If you paid for all day admission and choose to shoot during this hour that is totally up to you.

Session 2 starts at 5:00pm and goes until 10:00pm

At 10:00pm shooting stops and cleanup starts.

Purchase Admission

Below are options for purchasing your admission.

Session 1 or Session 2 (Half Day) - $25

All Day Admission including lunch - $40

Assistants (Anyone not taking photos or posing for photos) - $5

Please choose Model or Photographer - All day or your preferred session. There are no refunds. If you pay for admission and are not able to attend please try to see if you can find someone to take your place, especially if you have already made a schedule.

Once you purchase your admission please feel free to join the private Facebook Group for the event, create a post introducing yourself, show some of your previous work and create a schedule. If you need any help with that just message Christopher Alexander.

Facebook Group Link -

Type of Session